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Eithan Osbourne

Dane Reynolds

Micky Clarke

Josiah Amico

Filmed on Kodak 16mm by @andrew_schoener

‘Happy Talk’ is a film from Andrew Schoener and Eithan Osbourne that has run sorta parallel to Chapter 11 tv with us filming at the same beaches over the past few months surfing in California. They made a point of shooting it entirely on 16mm film. Documenting surfing on 16mm is no easy task. Each roll is 2-1/2 minute and changing rolls on the beach in a dark bag is a bitch. And those rolls aint cheap! (luckily for those dudes billabong supporting the film) Regardless, it’s heartbreaking and costly when the surfer blows it. But the results are always surprising and almost always add a little magic to even an ordinary wave. But the level of surfing in this video isn’t ordinary, Eithans ripping. The 16mm is pleasing. Nice work Andrew and Eithan.