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Andrew Doheny

Dane Reynolds

Short Circuit and Royal Dog Shit are like mirror projects that were created during the same time frame and sort of informed each other as they were being developed. That sounds like pretentious art talk but legitimately they’re centered around Andrew and a period of his life when he was quietly falling into dangerous psychosis and I was trying to make a surf video with him. The album is his creative output from the experience and the film is documentation of the experience and I guess the message is healing/creativity through sound and motion. Surfing and art as a resolve. More pretentious art talk. I dig his surfing. I dig his music. I’m proud of this video and proud of him for telling his story. 

2 thoughts on “008

  1. that was deep. totally enjoyed it. thanks Dane. thanks Andrew. by the way – regarding video 007 since I didn’t see a place to comment there, when you turn 47 and are a dad and have no pretentions, simply gliding in on a single fin feels like a pretty nice vacation from the daily grind…

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