Boilt Lips (014)


Eithan Osbourne

Rolo Montes


Hunter Martinez

We’ve been on the road again. Vans gave us a budget to make a real film and our heads have been spinning on how to produce it in the 6 month window we were given. Sounded manageable on paper until the reality set in about how often waves don’t pan out when you are trying to find them somewhere unique. 

Meanwhile Eithan and Rolo got antsy and flew down to Mexico for a quick jaunt to a well known and overly documented zone and came back with some great footage, which reminds me that in the end good surfing is good surfing and maybe we don’t need to try so hard to find spots that haven’t really been seen. 

Just good surfing in fun waves, from two of my favorite wave riders, feeding off each other and getting cooked in the Mexican sun until their lips melt off. 

On another note we edited a new Former video “System is Yours” (linked) and I went to Aus to show it, which was great and really cool to go back to Aus but also chewed up some precious time set aside for Vans film. 

We’ve got a rough deadline of July 15th to turn it in – need to do another trip, edit it, clear music, clear Vans legal department, keep our heads on straight, make rational decisions, I have a family vacation that I might need to bail on, remain sane, I need to teach my kid to tie his shoes, summer camps, birthday parties, I’ve got it under control… I think. Look for the film to come out in August. 

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