Chapter 11 tv 011


Brad Chisholm

Matt Mccabe

Dane Reynolds

Rollo Montez

Josiah Amico

Tommy Mckeown

Shane Sykes

Jake Kelley

Eithan Osbourne

Droid (even tho he’s locked out of his account)


Mikey Mccabe

Micky Clarke

K bone

jim martin

Oli Curran

This is video is a medley of my friends and I surfing our favorite zones over the past winter and hopefully captures the essence of our surf community. Filmed by

Hunter martinez

Jason blanchard

Andrew schoener

After this past year and a half of covid restricting gatherings i wanted to throw an event that brought everyone together. Thanks to all of you that came from up and down the coast to watch the film and share some stoke.

All photos – Claire Murphy

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