Literally (012)



Dane Reynolds

Jake Kelley

Micky Clarke

Eithan Osbourne

Matt Mccabe (turning pro)

Adam Virs

Rollo Montez (one fail)

Jake Anderson

Curren Caples

Swift (pearl jobs)

Pitas Higgins

Andrew Jacobson

Literally, just trying to make the best of the few moments that swells trickled into our onshore fog riddled coastline this summer. Even when the conditions are shit, riding waves the best thing in the world.

Filmed by -

Hunter martinez

Jason blanchard

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Just rewatched “rejects” on Vimeo, did you ever confront the guy who blatantly burned you at sand spit on what looked like the biggest wave for the day given. If so, was wondering what ever came
Out of it ? Thanks !


Hey Dane check out The Electric Guitars – probably the loudest psych band I have ever heard – Melbourne based but don’t exist anymore as far as I know. They will probably be new to your ears but I think you will dig them. First track. This ain’t spam I just didn’t know how to pass it on. Enjoy!


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