Rejects too (009)


Matt Mccabe

Craig Anderson (One shit wave from when we got skunked in PR)

Eithan Osbourne (Maybe only clip of the trip)

Dane Reynolds

Dylan Graves (Fly’s through frame)

Jake Anderson (He’s either going hate or love this)

Andrew Doheny (Last track is the first song he ever wrote)

I surfed with Matt yesterday morning. There were some overhead green slabbing closeouts. Each one teased that it would have an exit but there were none. I didn’t make one barrel but it was fun. I think Matt made a few… We laughed about how geriatric we felt trying to get to our feet in quickly breaking waves these days. 

In between sets he told me that his friend – who I remember because last summer he showed up at Matt’s place with a bump stock to build an AK47 and swore the world was going to end in October – he had sent him a new video and it had a compelling take on Covid. I laughed and he said I’ll probably think he’s crazy but he’s going to send me a link. 

After that I headed down to Zuma. I never surf Zuma. Last time was probably 10 years ago but yesterday had an odd mix of swells that led me to believe it would be worth trying… the kids were covered and I had all day to surf so why not? 

It looked fun enough so I suited up and ran up the beach to where there was a hole in the crowd. A guy parked in a black Porsche SUV starts yelling out his window “Fuckin beat it Reynolds go back to Silver Strand and leave your cameraman at home you fuckin kook…” I laughed and gave him a sympathy nod cause I thought it was an attempt at humor but as I keep running and his yelling gets fainter I realize he isn’t joking and now it actually becomes funny. The last words I hear is “that’s what I thought.”

There were some random peaks and I tried to do some tricks for the camera with mixed results.

Out in the water a long haired fellow on a soft top asks if he can have 30 seconds of my time for a business pitch. You can’t really say no so he proceeds to inform me that NFT’s are all the rage and they could be right up my alley.

“What are NFT’s?” Well shit, I still don’t quite understand but someone is creating something called crypto punks which are 8 bit digital art files that are being traded for millions of dollars. Fuckin crazy. My brain does not compute. Fascinating and foreign. Why would you want ownership of this art? Why is it crypto? What the fuck?

I can’t tell if Crypto is gonna be like Beanie Babies and it’ll be laughable looking back or if it’s actually the future global currency. He says it’s the future. Well shit, maybe I should make some NFT’s…

When I get home I see Matt had sent me a link to the video. I give it 20 minutes. It’s extremely poor quality and uses bootleg YouTube clips to document how covid tests are being used as conduits for microchips to be implanted into our bodies that ultimately will be used to make us slaves that mine cryptocurrencies. I mean that’s as far as I got… 

I’m sure every era and every generation had it’s confusing and uncertain times, 

But, right now, can someone explain what the hell is going on? Is there a Satanist Cabal BBQ’ing babies at George Soro’s house while Bill Gates implants tracking devices in every human being or is half the population losing their goddamn minds?

Anyways little backstory on this vid – I brought Matt along on the Electric Acid Surfboard Test just to have a surf bud. We were meant to go to Puerto Rico which would have lovely left air sections but went to Salina Cruz instead where there isn’t a left in sight. Matt hates right points but I checked out his footage the other day and was like shit he was ripping!

I’ve always wanted to put this Parquet Courts track to surfing. It feels as relevant as ever. Then I was looking through some video clips from when we got skunked in Puerto Rico right before Covid shutdown and thought the clip of us driving around listening to Ween’s 12 golden country hits was funny… then I started digging into footage that didn’t find a place in Short Circuit and there we go, in honor of trying to keep things loose and not overthink what qualifies as an episode, we have Rejects too! Hope you enjoy. 

Comment below if you can shed light on global current events.

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